Fully Certified Installation & Service Department

RDT Concepts installation and warranty services

Installation, Service & Warranty Department

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RDT is pleased to offer our customers a full service, installation and warranty division to ensure that your satisfaction is met on every order.

  • Union & non-union crew
  • Complete job pricing
  • Thorough time & material quotations
  • Certified technicians

Our complete services also provide a project lead person to coordinate all delivery issues, record any shortages or damage from shipping, take care of all scheduling for the installation and coordination with other trades and provides a detailed account of the system upon the installation or service completion.

Our technicians have been factory trained and undergo continuous education to stay up to date on the most current techniques and products that are being provided by various manufacturers. Our installers have been trained on the proper etiquette of unique environments such as libraries, museums, hospitals, prisons and schools.

Our installations are not limited by geography. We have completed several installations in Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, western New York and Michigan. We have top level clearances to work on military installations, government projects, private sector projects and prisons. Our installers have not only been provided the proper training and knowledge base, but are also equipped with the proper tools and equipment to get a particular job done.

If a job demands a specific items (such as a lift or buggy), we will acquire the equipment necessary to proceed and complete the installation. With over a combined total of 50 years of installation and service experience, RDT Concepts offers a diverse group of workers that are hard working, caring and motivated individuals who strive to complete each task to our client’s utmost satisfaction.

Service Contracts and Extended Warranties

Our installation team has several key features that help us meet your specific job requirements. In addition to the standard installation, RDT Concepts offers renewable preventative maintenance agreements, which are one and two year opportunities. In addition, RDT Concepts offers long term service contracts that that will help you reduce labor costs while maintaining your new equipment over a long term period. We offer a full service and warranty operation that is conducted by certified factory installers. We also extend service contracts and perform repair work on multiple brands and products regardless of whether we sold them.

Detailed Surveys

determine your needs

RDT Concepts will conduct a detailed survey to understand what you are storing and how your company interacts with various media types.

Upon survey completion, we will provide a detailed scope of the project, drawings and investment information.

To keep your business running smoothly, our installation and service team

  • Offers complete installation services
  • Provides maintenance and service on products purchased through RDT or on currently installed products
  • Handles warranty and service calls
  • Provides preventative maintenance



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