Flexible configurations that improve processing, organization and distribution

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Efficient and productive processing and distribution

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Document distribution is at the heart of every organization. Incoming and outgoing mail and informative materials require efficient and effecitve routing and distribution capabilities to keep your business running smoothly.

Flexibility within your mailroom distribution center and satellite stations affords your organization the ability to reconfigure space to accommodate changing requirements. A successful design is essential, as it will provide options intended to not only save money, but increase the efficiency of your mailroom personnel.

RDT Concepts specializes in designing mailrooms that adapt to the changing dynamics of your work flow. Our product offerings consist of a variety of products designed to increase sorting, routing and distribution capabilities within your organization. A wide range of products are available and include sorting modules and furntiure that take into consideration the need for security when handling time sensitive or confidential documentation.

Design Services

  • Ergonomic layouts
  • Environmental considerations
  • Installation of main mail and satellite fulfillment stations
Incoming, outgoing, interoffice communication
Sorting Modules
  • Mounted against wall
  • Pass through modules
  • Form storage or sorting
  • Accessory items: labeling, plexiglass
  • Free standing
  • Open or closed platform
  • Architecturally friendly design
  • Wall mounted

Mail Delivery Carts
  • Wire
  • Platform
  • Ergonomic design

  • Plexiglass doors
  • Display shelves
  • Reference shelves
  • Bulk sorter units

Detailed Surveys

determine your needs

RDT Concepts will conduct a detailed survey to understand what you are storing and how your company interacts with various media types.

Upon survey completion, we will provide a detailed scope of the project, drawings and investment information.

To keep your business running smoothly, our installation and service team

  • Offers complete installation services
  • Provides maintenance and service on products purchased through RDT or on currently installed products
  • Handles warranty and service calls
  • Provides preventative maintenance



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