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Facility management has specific needs. Control rooms require the ability to adapt to changing demands while providing the ability to monitor and manage the processes of the technology that keeps systems running. Flexible and adaptable control room design is essential for accommodation of changing requirements. Work station ergonomics are equally important for the comfort and ease of use for the staff using it. Consoles that incorporate the integration of additional monitors, power supplies as well as additional components provides the ability to expand. Internal power cord management also creates a safe, clean and organized work environment.

Efficiency continues with the implementation of modular casework as well as high density storage for record management and documentation. Custom solutions utilizing a variety of storage products will keep your organization runnning smoothly, effiiciently and save money.

Utilities & Energy Facility Storage Applications
Weapons storage

RDT Concepts offers a wide variety of weapons storage lockers/cabinets that are secure, customizable and efficient. Our weapons storage provides secure sidearm and pistol storage, long gun, shot gun and accessories storage. Our cabinets are stand alone, wall hung or stackable with the ability to customize and combine multiple units depending on your space requirements and availability.

Our storage units offer:

  • Interchangeability
  • Adjustable weapons mounts
  • Dependable door-locking mechanism
  • Perforated doors and sides for easy inventory viewing
  • Retractable bi-fold doors
Physical storage

RDT Concepts offers a wide variety of products and design services that will provide efficient and effective storage for areas such as regulatory compliance, facitility maintenance, inventory, parts/tool storage, form storage, raw or finished goods storage, power plants, satellite stations, and warehouse areas.

Our products include:

  • High density storage
  • Lateral and linear storage
  • Mezzanines
  • Modular drawers
  • Modular casework
  • Service kiosks
  • Carts
  • Caging
Chemical/Janitorial storage

RDT Concepts offers a wide array of wire shelving and bulk shelving which are two of the most required types of shelving when it comes to chemical and janitorial areas. With storage capacities of 600-800 LBS per shelf, wire shelving can help organize any small storage area or janitorial closet.

Solid galvanized shelving is a perfect shelving system to use where a solid shelf is desired. This shelf style can be used in conjunction with all the other wire shelving styles and is often used as a bottom shelf in a wire system to keep dust and dirt from sifting up from the floor.

RDT Concepts has a large array of accessories to accompany the shelving. There are things such as casters which can make units mobile, side ledges can help prevent items from falling off shelves and dividers can help sort inventory stored on the shelves.

Monitoring facilities

The current push on both a political and practical application has caused many changes in the utilities and energy environments. The physical security of the users, processes and visitors as well as the security of your physical property, employees well being, test results and equipment has made the security departments more vigilant and necessary than ever before.

There are more security guards, information stations and tactical practices being employed on an everyday basis. Some are vast in size and population while others are less than 25 employees. RDT Concepts can provide command consoles and modular casework that will maximize the efficiency of such areas.

Detailed Surveys

determine your needs

RDT Concepts will conduct a detailed survey to understand what you are storing and how your company interacts with various media types.

Upon survey completion, we will provide a detailed scope of the project, drawings and investment information.

To keep your business running smoothly, our installation and service team

  • Offers complete installation services
  • Provides maintenance and service on products purchased through RDT or on currently installed products
  • Handles warranty and service calls
  • Provides preventative maintenance



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